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North Cistern 2200' Shallow Oil Prospect, Fayette County, TX

152 acre shallow oil project to test the Carrizo/Wilcox 1100' and 2000' sand series, keying off of the Conoco: Vinklarek #1 well drilled in 1946 that cored oil in seven different sands, and in a trend that has produced millions of barrels of shallow oil in the nearby North Cistern, Cistern, Mt. Eden, Stulting, Muldoon, and Arnim Fields. Numerous operators attempted to find this oil updip to this Conoco well by moving southwest along the trapping fault, but only the Flare: Stork #1 moved to the northeast, drilling in 1993 to provide a point that confirms our proposed drilling location, providing structural control to form a trap and further define the fault to the NE. These sands have a freshwater background, so wastewater can be permitted with the RRC and dumped on surface, meaning that wells that eventually produce down to a small oil cut over the years are still economically viable and can provide production for decades.

Tanner Bowersox
Owner/Exploration Geologist
Bowersox Exploration, LLC